Hello Y’all!

Hello Y’all,

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”
-G. B. Shaw
             There is a famous quote in India ” Surat nu jaman ne Kashi nu maran” . It means that the food is so famous in Surat that a person should first eat in Surat and then go to Kashi (Varanasi, India) for his eternal rest. I come from the very same land of “Surat” where people live for food. My name is Zarna and I have changed my base from the land of Food to the land of Dreams, USA. Living with my Husband Mr. H , I am now more inclined to cooking than eating but mind you my taste buds are as active as before. During my teen and adult years I remember going to the different cafes, the restaurants and the famous laaris and food joints in my hometown and enjoying all the delectable food with my friends and cousins. That was my very first interaction with food. I fell in love with it and became more and more inquisitive about the four alphabet word FOOD.
             Once I graduated I had enough time to put my interests in the art of cooking. Even though I did not cook as much when I was single, my initial (and rare) attempts at Mexican and Italian dishes were highly appreciated by the family and friends(though I still doubt whether the appreciation was genuine or just out of sheer love for me). I experimented with different delicacies and fed my cousins and friends. Now being in USA , whenever I find an opportunity, I make sure that Mr. H and I thoroughly satisfy our taste buds. My style of cooking now is not very elegant or systematic, its more of a home style cooking where in I just throw in the ingredients and go with the flow with no sense of measurements. Although, I always try to venture around and try to make something I never have before and try all kinds of cuisine, but my heart still longs for some spicy sweet gujju home cooked food, be it khaman dkhoklas, sev khamani, patras or handvo.
            The food that I made were praised by my guinea pig and our friends and family, so the idea of this blog came from there. Jotting down whatever I cook in the kitchen is a good start to gather my thoughts and do something that I really love. On this blog, I hope to have a mix of all dishes from all different cuisines, some easy peasy recipes that you can just throw in a jiffy after a long day at work. My cooking style is not perfect, I tend to do a lot of home style cooking, which is what I prefer to eat for every meal. My food photos are also not professional, I am just a beginner and am still learning. I do hope to improve in my cooking skills, my photography skills and food styling skills through this blog.
Hope you guys enjoy reading this space and keeping coming back for more recipes !!



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